Push Through

The Inverell Toughen Up Challenge is a fun, sometimes dirty and an exciting new challenge for you and your friends.  It is an event set to test the mind, body and spirit to see if you are Tough Enough!


The day will see you experience outdoor challenges including an obstacle course, mystery leg and a good old fashion run – with a few hills thrown in.

We are introducing a change for 2016.

There will be 2 categories – Competitive and Non-Competitive.

Competitive will consist of Mens, Womens and Mixed (which must be 2 females/2males)
Non-Competitive will consist of Mens, Womens and Mixed (which can be any combination of men and women).
This means more competition for the super athletes out there and less pressure for those of us who are out to have a great day.

The Toughen Up Challenge will see people push their minds and bodies through a grueling course throughout the CBD of Inverell.  The Challenge will be based at Inverell Rugby Park and include the following events:

1. Log Carry
2. Tyre Flip
3. Prowler Push/Pull
4. Run
5. Commando Crawl
6. Swim
7. Rowing Machine
8. Outdoor Obstacle Course
9.  Monkey Bar Climb
10.  Tyre Pull
11.  Water Carry
12.  Mystery Leg

Join a team today and see if your team is Inverell’s toughest

All proceeds from this event are channeled back into the Inverell Community!