Below are details of what you would have encountered at The 2014 Inverell Toughen Up Challenge!

Tyre Flip
• Two team members will work together to FLIP the tyre 100 metres in total.  50 metres up to marked line and 50 metres back to starting point.
• The second two team members will then repeat this process.
Note:  Tyres must be flipped and not rolled.  Tyres must entirely cross the marked line before they will be deemed to have completed the course and able to move to the next event leg.  Tyre weights will vary  with the men’s division using a heavier tyre and women’s, mixed and family division using a lighter tyre.

Prowler Push/Pull
• Team member 1 pushes the prowler a total of 50 metres.  25 metres up to mark line and 25 metres back to starting point.
• This is then repeated by team members 2, 3 & 4.
Note:  The prowler must entirely cross the marked lines before it will be deemed to have been completed and the next person able to commence. Once all four team members have completed this event they are able to move to the next event leg.  The Men’s division will have weights added to the prowler.  Women’s, Mixed and Family division will have no weights added.

Sand Bag Carry
• All team members will line up at the starting point of a 50 metre area.
• Two team members will work together for this event.
• The first two team members will carry a total of 16 sand bags (8 each) to the end of the 50 metre area.
• Once completed they will run back to their other two team members and tag them.
• The next two team members will run to the sandbags and proceed to return all bags to the starting point – 16 sand bags in total (8 each)
Note:  When all sand bags have been returned to the starting point team members may move on to the next event leg.

Rowing Machine
• Each member of the team will complete500m on the rowing machine in relay style.
• Each member must complete the full 500m before the next member can commence.
Note:  When all team members have completed 500m team members may move on to the next event leg.

• Teams are to run as a group – with all four members staying together at all times.
• Teams will follow the marked course which will commence at Inverell Rugby Park.  Teams will leave through the main gate and make their way down the Arthur Street extension.  They will then turn right into Evans Street, proceed down Swanbrook Road and cross Byron Street.  From here the run will cross Kamilaroi Oval and join onto the walking track.  Teams will then follow the walking track heading towards the Suspension Bridge. Teams will cross under the O’Connor Street Bridge to avoid traffic.
At the Suspension Bridge teams will make their way across the Bridge and head up the hill until they reach George Street and continue along Davey Street, Brae Street, cross the main bridge and join back onto the River Walk and head back to the Suspension Bridge.
At the bottom of the Bridge they will cross Sweeney Street, Byron Street, Oliver Street and Evans Street and enter the Pool.
• At the end of the swim teams will cross Lawrence Street, run along Rivers Street, cross Mansfield Street and Wood Street and return to the main entrance of Inverell Ruby Park.
Note:  Marshals will be stationed at certain road crossings and all teams must abide the marshal’s instructions on appropriate times to cross the road.

• Each member of the team will complete a 100m swim in relay style.
• Each member must complete the full 100m before the next member can commence.
• Teams must remain in their lanes and in the pool at the completion of their 100m.
Note:  When the fourth team member completes the 100m all team members may leave the pool and complete the run back to Inverell Rugby Park.

Obstacle Course
• All team members must complete all parts of the obstacle course.
• Any part of this course not completed to the satisfaction of the marshal must be repeated.
Note:  The individual requirements of the Obstacle Course will test your mental ability, balance and strength.

Mystery Leg
• This final leg is a team’s relay leg and will require all your mental and physical strength to complete.
Note:  Details of the Mystery Leg will be advised on the day.

Challenge Yourself

The Inverell Toughen Up Challenge is a fun, sometimes dirty and an exciting new challenge for you and your friends.  It is an event set to test the mind, body and spirit to see if you are

Tough Enough!


The day will see you experience outdoor challenges including an obstacle course, mystery leg and a good old fashion run – with a few hills thrown in.

The Challenge will be based at Inverell Rugby Park and include the following events:

1. Log Carry
2. Tyre Flip
3. Prowler Push/Pull
4. Run
5. Commando Crawl
6. Swim
7. Rowing Machine
8. Outdoor Obstacle Course
9.  Monkey Bar Climb
10.  Tyre Pull
11.  Water Carry
12.  Mystery Leg

Join a team today and see if your team is Inverell’s toughest

All proceeds from this event are channeled back into the Inverell Community!